GTA 6 Leaks Of Lucia is Real

The rumored introduction of a character who is a mother in GTA 6 could bring deeper and more complex emotions into the crime-driven world of Grand Theft Auto.

The perspective and actions of the female protagonist, Lucia, could add a fresh and different dynamic to GTA 6, potentially exploring the challenges of a mother committing crimes for the sake of her child. 

Credit : Rockstar Games

The most recent GTA 6 rumors about Lucia could open the door for Rockstar to bring in a great storytelling device from Red Dead Redemption.  

Rockstar has brought to life many great games, but the Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption franchises are some of the best in the studio's roster. 

GTA 6 introducing a character who's a mother would be a new chapter for the franchise, and one particular sequence in Red Dead Redemption could be a perfect blueprint for how GTA 6 handles this character.