the legend of hanuman season 3 download

the legend of hanuman season 3 download
the legend of hanuman season 3 download

Hanuman Ji is our childhood hero. Even today he is more than anyone else for us. When will the legend of Hanuman season 3 be released? Who doesn’t love animated movies? And especially films about fairy tales. The legend of Hanuman is one of them. Legend of Hanuman Season 1 aired in January 2021 and since then The show premiered on Hotstar Disney+.

Legend of Hanuman Overview

The story is about Hanuman Ji who serves God Rama and his family. The series portrays the problems and happiness in the life of Hanuman ji. This is all about an “ordinary vanar” to “becoming the biggest devotee of Lord Rama.” 

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Hanuman ji could not use his powers since childhood but one day the tables turned and Hanumanji started his journey towards the sun. After that, he meets Lord Ram and Lakshman.

He takes them to meet an exiled Vanar King. Again, Sugreev ji accepts the animals and they all leave to regain his kingdom Kishkindha. (Ruled by King Sugreev and his younger brother, Kishkindha is a kingdom in Banaras). Later On, Hanuman ji meets King Angaad while seeing Sita Maa.

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On his way to Lanka, Sursa tempts Hanuman ji. On his way to Lanka, Hanumanji meets many demons on his way. But more dangerous demons await him when he reaches Lanka. Hanuman ji tries to give Ram ji’s message to Sita maa but she acts like a devil.

Later he tells his Kinkara warriors to fight with Hanumanji and in the end, Ravan loses his son. After the fight, devil ties lord hanuman with chains to stop him. Later, she is introduced to Raavan.

Our heroic master has planned to escape from Lanka to send Sita Maa a message to Lord Rama. Later Ravana faces the destruction of Lanka and Hanuman ji again travels to reunite his master Rama with the Vanar Sena. At the end of The Legend of Hanuman Season 2, Ravana prepares for a battle with Rama.

The Legend of Hanuman Cast

Voice ActorsCharacters
Sanket MhatreShree Ram
Surbhi PandeySita
Damandeep Singh BagganHanuman
Vikrant ChaturvediSugreev
Richard JoelLakshmana
Sharad KelkarRavana
Rohan JadavTeenage Ravana
Shaktee SinghJambavan
Sahil VaidVali
Toshi SinhaSurpanakha
Rajesh JollySampati
Aaditya Raj SharmaHariya
Pushkar VijayAngada
Rohan VermaNal
Shailendra PandeyPavan Dev
Surendra BhatiaWalkiria and Sage Vishrawa Muni
Vikram KochharSuketu

The Legend of Hanuman Season 3 Release Date

The Legend of Hanuman season 1 was released in January 2021 and consisted of 13 episodes and Season 2 of the respective series was released around August 2021 which also has 13 episodes. Season 3 of the series will debut in 2022. The legend of hanuman season 3 release date has not been officially published. But we have to wait for the official announcement by the show makers. According to parts 1 and 2, it is expected that Season 3 will also have 13 episodes.

The legend of Hanuman was created by Sharad Devaranjan, Jeevan J. Kang, and Charuvi Aggarwal and produced by Graphic India. The creators of the show were later praised by the viewers for their creativity.

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