Octopus Apk Version 6.1.4 Download (2023)

Octopus Apk Version 6.1.4

Octopus Apk Version 6.1.4 Information

UPDATED 15/08/2023
 PUBLISHEROctopus Gaming Studio
 FEATURESPro Unlocked
 REQUIREAndroid 4.4

A programme called Octopus Apk Version 6.1.4 allows users to more easily carry out a variety of tasks by simulating PC tools on their phones. It was introduced by Octopus Gaming Studio and offers users a selection of tools, a keyboard, and a mouse on their cellphones. You can play the mobile game with the aid of what looks to be a wizard.

About Octopus Mod Apk

You will undoubtedly encounter numerous game control issues if you have ever played any MOBAs or survival role-playing games on a smartphone, such as League of Legends, Pubg New State, Free Fire, etc. On a small 46-inch phone screen, these games’ advanced levels necessitate numerous complicated processes. The Octopus MOD APK will now be a tremendous help to you in having a wonderful and better experience.

Octopus Mod Apk

Octopus is an application that allows users to connect peripherals to smartphones. Thanks to that, you no longer have to worry about combining too many operations on a small screen. It is developed by Octopus Gaming Studio, a company that is just starting out but already making a name for itself in the market. Common peripheral devices such as mouse, keyboard, controller, etc. are easily integrated and connected to smartphones. The only condition is that these peripherals must have a Bluetooth connection.

Octopus launched and got great success

This application was well-liked by gamers all over the world as soon as it was released. The optimisation from the mouse and keyboard is certainly not surprising if you have ever played survival RPG games like PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, etc.

Octopus Apk Mod

The publisher of PUBG Mobile has made a unique version of the game specifically for players that use a mouse and keyboard. However, you may now manipulate using the mouse and keyboard with just a phone. This will be a huge benefit for gamers looking to raise their rankings.

Features Of Octopus Mod Apk

Technology can occasionally provide us with surprising and fascinating things. Two years ago, GameBoy handhelds, big-screen gaming consoles, and controller PCs were all the rage. And up until this point, gamepads (handles) may be used to play games on mobile devices.

Octopus Mod Apk

For those who don’t know, playing on mobile devices feels wonderful with only a swipe, especially newer models with ultra-wide screens. Of course, everything is so small and awesome that you don’t need a big PC or hundreds of dollars for a game. Our phones can still manage to play the newest games like a true pro.

Easy setup

The operation to download Octopus Mod is very simple, users can go to Google Play to enter the application name. Then select Download and start installing the app to your device. However, users need to prepare a control tool called a gamepad. This is a device that helps you play and control as a joystick.

When the configuration is complete, the user can connect to the mobile phone using the Android mode function. By tapping the plus sign and starting playing, you simply switch to gamepad mode. Moreover, the application not only connects any gamepad but also allows users to connect a keyboard and mouse. Similar to how it was set up above, you can use it in a very simple way.

Control tool

The joystick is on the left and the combo keys are on the right of the gamepad, which is a portable controller. This is a feature that many players adore because it increases user engagement while also bringing high efficiency to the game. A different function is assigned to each control button. Key, for instance, facilitates the app’s syncing with the game of your choice.

Octopus Apk Version 6.1.4

4 directions can be moved in by pressing D + Pad. The Octopus Mod programme in particular may add up to 30 distinct games. With control tools, it enables you to live and take pleasure in entertaining moments. The application may also work with keyboards and mice from a variety of manufacturers.

Unlock Special Features

  • Swipe: This feature is great for games that require drawing patterns or swiping gestures
  • Multiply: Support multi-touch.
  • Order Key: Set multiple keys with hit sequence. For example, you have 3 order keys with key-value A. When you press A first time, No.1 A will act. The second time for No.2 A and the third time for No.3 A, then loops. It’s pretty useful for some scenes like the open/close bag button in different positions.
  • Analog Deadzone
  • Profile: Set up multiple keymap profiles for a game.
  • Customizable Virtual Mouse Shortcut
  • MOBA R Analog direction Indicator
  • Various Themes: Pale night, deep ocean, galaxy
  • Macro:
  • No ads: Remove all ads in the app.


Octopus has proven that it is the best application for connecting gamepads and keyboards to your Android device. The application has been rated well by millions of users for its high compatibility, low hardware requirements, user-friendly interface, and very ease to use. Octopus PRO can be downloaded for free on our blog. Have a great gaming experience with this great app.

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