In this article we tell you, How To Change Administrator Account in Windows 11.

To change the Administrator account in Windows 11, you can simply modify the local user account.

How To Change Administrator Account in Windows 11

In Windows, there are three different types of user accounts. Each type of user account has different functions and control over the system. 

  1. Administrator accounts have the most authority over a computer. This type of account lets you change the system files, install new software, access unrestricted files, and more.
  2. Standard User accounts are the local user account that most of us use for daily computing. With this account, you can use most of the apps installed on the computer. In some cases, you may install apps, but you won’t have access to change the system files. 
  3. Guest accounts are limited accounts for the temporary use of a computer. This account has very little access to the apps and cannot change the settings. 

How To Change Administrator Account in Windows 11

1. Via Setting >

The simplest way to change the administrator account in Windows 11 is to switch your local user account to an administrator account.

Here’s how:

1. Go to Start > Settings > Accounts.

2. In the Family & other users, choose the local account that you want to change. 

3. Click Change account type.

4. Select Administrator in the Account type.

5. Press OK to save changes.

Method 2: Via Control Panel

1. Click the Search box in the taskbar and type control panel.

2. Select Control Panel.

How To Change Administrator Name Windows 11

Windows allows you to change the administrator name on your Microsoft account just in case you want to have several administrator accounts on your computer. Here’s what you should do:

1. Sign in to Windows using an administrator account.

2. Click the search box on the taskbar and type Computer Management.

3. Select Local Users and Groups to expand it.

4. Click Users.

5. Right-click Administrator and choose Rename.

6. Type a new name you want to.

Those were how to change the administrator account in Windows 11.

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