How To Activate 5G in Jio

How To Activate 5G in Jio – In India, Jio 5G services have begun to spread out. For far, the telecom has only launched the services in a few areas. This will be followed by a broader rollout in the months to come, but Jio 5G won’t be accessible in “every town, talukdar, and tehsil” in the nation until December 2023. Whatever the case, the Jio 5G is expected to offer speeds of up to 1Gbps and would run on a stand-alone network. To use 5G, you won’t need a new Jio SIM; nevertheless, your compatible smartphones must manually enable 5G. Having said that, we’ll cover all you need to know in this guide to activate Jio 5G on your smartphone.

What is Jio 5G ?

Remarkable speed and low latency are promised by the Jio 5G, a standalone (SA) fifth-generation cellular connection. Relying on the current 4G infrastructure to provide 5G services, a non-standalone (NSA) network is stated to be inferior to the network. Absent from the current cellular infrastructure, the SA 5G is constructed from the ground up. In terms of speed, coverage, and stability, Jio 5G would benefit from this over its rivals.

How To Activate 5G in Jio ?

In order to use Jio 5G, you will have to enable 5G on your compatible smartphones. This can be done from the phone’s settings. In case, you are not sure how follow the step-by-step guide below to activate Jio 5G on Android and iPhone.

How To Enable 5g in Jio Android :

Once Jio rolls out its 5G services in your area, 5G can be activated on an Android phone using the following procedure.

How To Enable 5g in Jio
  • Open ‘Settings’ app on your smartphone
  • Find and select ‘Mobile network’ or a similar setting
  • Select the Jio SIM you want to enable 5G
  • From here, select the ‘Preferred network type’ option
  • Now select the option that says 5G
  • After following these steps, you should be getting a 5G symbol on the status bar which indicates that 5G services have been activated on your smartphone

How To Activate Jio 5G in Apple :

Enabling 5G services from the cellular settings allows iPhone users with the 12 series and above to utilize these services. The detailed instructions for activating Jio 5G on an iPhone are provided below.

How To Activate Jio 5G
  • Open the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone
  • Next, go the the ‘Cellular’ menu within the settings
  • From here select ‘Cellular Data Options’
  • Now to enable 5G, tap on ‘Voice & Data’ option and either select ‘5G Auto’ or ‘5G On’ option
  • Your iPhone will connect to a 5G network when available and you should see a 5G symbol on the status bar which indicates 5G services have been enabled.

Support for 5G is not yet active if you are unable to see the option to enable it in the settings. In India, Apple has reportedly not yet enabled 5G compatibility for iPhones. The same should thereafter be enabled on your iPhone via a later iOS software upgrade.

How to check if your smartphone is Jio 5G ready

In order to use 5G, you need to ensure whether your current smartphone supports 5G or not.

  • To do that, refer to the retail box or packaging of your smartphone and check for any ‘5G’ text either on the front along with the model name or on the backside as a label. If no such text is present, then your smartphone is not 5G compatible. However, to be double sure you can always look up Google for the same.
  • If your smartphone does support 5G, then check whether the bands mentioned on the retail box are supported by Jio’s 5G bands in your circle/city.

Jio 5G bands

During the 5G spectrum auctions, Jio bagged the most spectrum bands in India and also came on top as the highest bidder among other participants in the auction. The bands acquired by Reliance Jio are as follows.

  • n28: 700MHz
  • n5: 800MHz 
  • n3: 1800MHz 
  • n78: 3300MHz
  • n258: 26GHz

Jio will be able to spread throughout the nation and provide 5G services even in the most remote areas thanks to low-frequency channels like n28. Even if the internet speeds won’t be as fast as those of other bands, most people will at least be able to experience something closer to 5G. In addition, Jio has adopted the n78 band in practically all of the major circles; the majority of 5G devices on the market use this specific band. Jio has partnered with companies such as Samsung, Cisco, Nokia, and others to construct the infrastructure and source 5G equipment.

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