Hole House Apk 1.0 Download For Android Mobile (2023)

Hole House Apk 1.0

Hole House Apk 1.0 Additional Information

  • Version: 1.0
  • File size: 16.96MB
  • Requires: Android 4.0+
  • Package Name: com.trodigames.holehouse
  • Developer: Trodi Games
  • Updated: May 18, 2023
  • Price: Free
  • Rate 4.50 stars – based on 10 reviews

About Hole House Game

Matthew’s Studio created the free mobile game Hole House Apk 1.0. The player will manipulate a primary character in the game by pushing and pulling wooden blocks, destroying things to clear a path, and guiding the protagonist to the goal.

Hole House Apk

In order to make the game more tough, Hole House juego apk includes barriers, mines, and other challenges. The game offers players a fun entertainment experience with its straightforward graphics and vibrant music effects.

Android-powered mobile devices can be used to download and play Hole House.

Overview Of Hole House Game APK

Hole House game is a fun and exciting puzzle game suitable for all ages. In the game, the player will have to find a way to move the main character from the starting point to the final destination by dismantling objects, pulling and pushing wooden blocks to create a path.

The game has many different levels, each with increasing difficulty, requiring players to have skill and ingenuity to overcome challenges. In addition, Hole House also has interesting puzzle elements, such as how to arrange objects and wooden blocks to create a path for the main character.

Hole House Game

The images of Hole House are relatively plain but adorable and young, which helps to relax the player. Additionally, the sound is intended to be straightforward but alive and bright, exhilarating players as they complete stages.

Android-powered mobile devices can be used to download and play the free game Hole House apk. Hole House is an excellent option if you enjoy puzzle games and want to push yourself.

Features Of Hole House Mobile Apk v1.0

  • Different levels: Hole House offers a variety of levels ranging from simple to complex, necessitating the application of skill and creativity to get over obstacles.
  • Puzzle Game: In the puzzle game Hole House, the player must figure out how to get the main character from one place to another by tearing apart things and pushing and dragging wooden blocks.
  • Graphics that are straightforward: Hole House’s graphics are straightforward but adorable and childlike, which helps the player unwind.
  • Exciting sound: The sound is intended to be straightforward but alive and bright, exhilarating players as they complete stages.
  • Diverse Obstacles: Throughout the game, players will come across a variety of obstacles like mines, barriers, and other obstructing things.
  • Limited Time: The player must finish each level of the game within the allotted time.
  • There are various methods to play Hole House, and players can try out a variety of strategies to determine which one works best for them as they go through the stages.
  • In order to complete increasingly challenging stages in the advanced game mode for Hole House, players must possess greater skill and dexterity.
  • Free: Hole House is a free game and can be downloaded and played on mobile devices using the Android operating system.

Above are all the features of Hole House game, if you are a fan of puzzle games and want to challenge yourself, then Hole House is a great choice.

How to play, gameplay and tips of Hole House APK

Hole House’s apk’s gameplay is really straightforward. In the game, the player must figure out how to get the main character from one location to another by tearing things apart and moving wooden blocks about to make a passage. In order to clear a passage and avoid hazards like mines and other obstructions, players must make the appropriate decisions.

Hole House

Here are some tips to help you play Hole House mobile more effectively:

  • Mastering the rules of the game: To play Hole House well, players need to master the rules of the game, understand the functions of tools and obstacles to have an effective way of playing.
  • Focus and Patience: In Hole House, it takes concentration and patience to find the best solution, especially in the more difficult levels.
  • Try multiple ways of playing: Players need to try different ways of playing to find the best solution.
  • Efficient use of tools: It is necessary to use tools such as burning, pulling and pushing wood blocks efficiently to create paths.
  • Pay close attention to the directions: Before beginning to play, thoroughly read the instructions and become familiar with the obstacles and tools’ purposes.
  • Make the most of the time: Players must make efficient use of their time in order to finish the game because it has a time limit.
  • Keep your eyes on the prize: When playing Hole House, keep your attention on the game’s main objective, which is to pass the stages quickly.

Pros and Cons of Hole House Game


  • Beautiful graphics: Hole House has beautiful graphics, delicately designed characters and scenes, attracting players.
  • Fun Game: Hole House is a simple but fun puzzle game that brings a sense of challenge and excitement to the players.
  • Diverse levels: The game has many different levels, from easy to difficult, helping players to choose the level that is right for their level.
  • Support features: Hole House offers a variety of support features, making it easier for players to play, including tips, instructions and auto-save game state.
  • Free and no ads: Hole House is a free and ad-free game that helps players focus more on the game and not be bothered by annoying ads.


  • Simple and easy: Some players may find the game too simple and easy, not challenging enough, and nothing new.
  • Limit the number of levels: The game has a limited number of levels, after completing all available levels, the player has nothing left to play.
  • No multiplayer mode: Hole House only has single player mode, no multiplayer mode at the same time, reducing interaction between players.


We have learnt details about this game, such as its features, gameplay, strategies, and pros and disadvantages, from the Hole House apk game review.

Hole House apk is a straightforward yet entertaining puzzle game with lovely graphics, several levels, help tools, and it’s completely free and ad-free. The game does, however, have numerous drawbacks, like being very simplistic, having a small amount of levels, and lacking a concurrent multiplayer feature.

In conclusion, Hole House is a wonderful option for you if you enjoy puzzle games and want to discover a straightforward, enjoyable game to pass the time.

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