God Of War 2 Apk OBB Download For Android (200MB) 2023

Hello everyone! Today I’m here with an incredible action and adventure game for Android called God Of War 2 Apk OBB Download For Android the 200mb-only, highly compressed the original game size is more than 1GB, however this game is also accessible online in several other download formats, including 100 megabytes and 300 mb zip files.

God Of War 2 Apk OBB Download For Android

Now, you may play God of War 2 ANDROID without any difficulty on any Android or PC device using a free ANDROID emulator apk or APK gold. All devices may use it without experiencing any slowness, dark screens, or other glitches.

God Of War 2 Apk OBB Download For Android

NameGod of War 2 APK
UpdateFeb 06, 2023
DeveloperSanta Monica Studio
GenreAction and Adventure Fighting Game
Android Version7.1
Total Installment350K

God of War 2 APK Information

God of War 2 (GOW 2) was formally released for the PlayStation 2, also known as the PS2 system, a well-liked gaming platform. Sony’s PS2 video game device is capable of playing HD and three-dimensional games with stunning images.

God of War 2 APK can now be downloaded for free from a mediafire link and is exclusively available for Android. However, you may install a PS2 emulator and play the official game on Android. However, the PS2 requires high-end Android mobile devices, whereas APK ANDROID emulator may be used on any Android mobile.

Sony Computer Entertainment distributed this God of War II game internationally after Santa Monica Studio produced it. In this massive battle fighting game, the player uses a spiky sword as his basic weapon and engages in combat with far more formidable and larger opponents than himself. Kratos, a Spartan warrior with a variety of incredible, potent weapons and superhuman abilities, serves as the game’s main protagonist.

Feauters Of God Of War 2 APK + OBB Download For Android

God of War II is an action adventure hack-and-slash game. It’s a single-player, third-person video game with a fixed camera angle. The player assumes control of Kratos as he battles mythical foes such nymphs, harpies, minotaurs, gorgons, griffons, cyclopses, and cerberus while employing a variety of fighting strategies like combos, platforming, and puzzles. Ravens, shaman-like ravens, zombie legionnaires, sentries, guardians, juggernauts, high priests, and the army of the Fates are just a few of the monsters that were created for the game.

God Of War 2 Apk OBB Download For Android

Along with the usual health, magic, and experience chests, there are three Uber Chests. Two of these chests increase the player’s health and magic metres, while three of them contain orbs of red and gold. The game also has a variety of hidden urns, including the Urn of Gaia, that, when found, unlock additional powers (such infinite magic) that may utilised in bonus play.


Kratos has access to super electronic weaponry, rare genuine forces, and other incredible weapons. By completing an increasing number of levels and earning the cash and points necessary to improve your combat skills, you can unlock every weapon.

HQ graphics

It’s an open world game with three-dimensional interaction and a tonne of gorgeous looking models. HD skins and textures used to develop and build all of the bosses, Gods, enemies, and Kratos himself.

god of war apk + obb download

Improve Your Skills

By earning additional money during the bouts and boss battles, you may improve your health level, defensive, and power-attacking abilities. Additionally, as you go through each level and round, you may collect more weapons and learn new combat styles.

Online Game

You may play the God of War APK game offline without a wifi or internet connection. Play whenever you need to. Since this game played using an Android emulator and all ANDROID games must be played offline unless you play multiplayer.

Additional Features Of God Of War 2 Apk

Stunning Graphics – One of the best reasons to do the God of War 2 game APK download is because it features stunning graphics that bring the world of ancient Greece to life. The environments, characters, and animations are all beautifully rendered and add to the overall immersion of the game. If you want, then you can also customize the display settings.

god of war for android apk data

Different Types of Weapons – The game features a wide range of weapons and abilities that players can use to defeat their enemies. These include swords, spears, bows, and magic spells, among others. As you make progress in the game, more weapons will unlock, and you will be able to upgrade your abilities to make your character stronger.

100% Free & Safe – After completing the game, players can start a new game plus mode that allows them to play through the game again with all their upgrades and abilities intact. It is a completely free game and optimized to work on all types of mobile devices. The installation file has been tested by us, so you can use it without any worries.

What’s New in God of War 2 APK  Download 1.3 GB? Key Features

  • The graphics of the video game God of War 2 are in high definition.
  • Boss battles in the game are usually thrilling and enjoyable.
  • The game’s action-oriented gameplay is incredibly graphic.
  • There is no need to worry about running into any connectivity problems because the game can played without an internet connection.
  • Take command of Kratos, the game’s main protagonist and the god of war.
  • There are unlocked weapons and spells as well.
  • Contains a chronology, invented deities, and a mythologically based worldview.
  • The fact that the game played offline means that there is absolutely no latency.
  • A fascinating story that picks up just where God of War 1 left off is presented in this amazing sequel.

How to Download the Highly Compressed God Of War 2 APK + OBB For Android

  1. You may play God of War 2 on your ANDROID for free by using the direct Mediafire download link I’ve supplied below.
  2. First, get ZArchiver or another decompressor apk from the Google Play store and instal it.
  3. After that, download and instal the Android APK gold emulator apk. On the Google Play store, this is also freely accessible.
  4. Then Get the god of war 2  Zip/7z/rar file from the URL below, which is well compressed and small in size.
  5. Use an extractor programme, such as the Rar, 7zipper, or Rar app, to open the  file.
  6. Now launch the emulator, run it, and launch the file manager.
  7. Once the has extracted, identify the folder where it stored.
  8. Simply click the ; it will then display in the recent tab area.
  9. Okay, everything is finished.
  10. Click on the game to begin playing it.

God Of War 2 Game Download For Android

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