Dimensity 9300 vs Exynos 2100

Dimensity 9300 vs Exynos 2100 – We have created a comprehensive comparison of the recently released Exynos 2100 vs Dimensity 9300 SoCs by Samsung and Mediatek respectively. We’ve now weighed the advantages and disadvantages of these 8-core CPUs on the basis of their Geekbench, Antutu and 3DMark benchmarks with their technical specifications.

Key Features :

Pros of MediaTek Dimensity 9300

  • Dimensity 9300 has 12.07% higher CPU clock speed than Exynos 2100 (3250 vs 2900 MHz).
  • Dimensity 9300 has 71.05% higher GPU clock speed than Exynos 2100 (1300 vs 760 MHz).
  • Dimensity 9300 has 50.00% higher memory frequency than Exynos 2100 (4800 vs 3200 MHz).
  • Dimensity 9300 has 20% smaller sized transistor than Exynos 2100 (4 vs 5 nm).
  • Dimensity 9300 has 173.38% better AnTuTu 9 score than Exynos 2100 (2,055 K vs 752 K ).
  • Dimensity 9300 has latest instruction set, hence better than Exynos 2100.
  • Dimensity 9300 Support 50.00% higher memory bandwidth than Exynos 2100 (76.8 vs 51.2 GB/s).

Dimensity 9300 vs Exynos 2100 Benchmarks

AnTuTu 10

Exynos 2100Dimensity 9300
Total score7517282055084

GeekBench 6

Exynos 210010883624
Dimensity 930022657995
Image compression170.5 Mpixels/s
Face detection26.7 images/s
Speech recognition64.15 words/s
Machine learning51.35 images/s
Camera shooting33.9 images/s
HTML 53.21 Mnodes/s
SQLite970.15 Mnodes/s


Graphics test33 FPS116 FPS


Full list of technical specifications of Samsung Exynos 2100 and MediaTek Dimensity 9300


Samsung Exynos 2100MediaTek Dimensity 9300
Architecture1x 2.9 GHz – Cortex-X1
3x 2.8 GHz – Cortex-A78
4x 2.2 GHz – Cortex-A55
1x 3.25 GHz – Cortex-X4
3x 2.85 GHz – Cortex-X4
4x 2 GHz – Cortex-A720
Base Frequency2200 MHz2000 MHz
Turbo Frequency2900 MHz3250 MHz
Instruction setARMv8.4-AARMv9.2-A
L1 cache
L2 cache
L3 cache18 MB
Process5 nm4 nm
Transistor count22.7 Billion


Max On-Device Display4K @ 120 Hz, QHD+ @ 144 Hz4k@120Hz, WQHD@180Hz
Max On-Display Resolution4096 x 21602960 x 1440
Max External Display8K @ 60 Hz
Color DepthUp to 10-bit
Color GamutRec2020


GPU nameMali-G78 MP14Mali-G720 Immortalis MP12
ArchitectureValhall 2Valhall 5th gen
GPU frequency760 MHz1300 MHz
Execution units1412
Shading units224192
FLOPS976 Gigaflops5990.4 Gigaflops
Vulkan version1.11.3
OpenCL version22.0
DirectX version12


Memory frequency3200 MHz4800 MHz
Bus4×16 Bit4x 16 Bit
Max bandwidth51.2 Gbit/s76.8 Gbit/s
Max size16 GB24 GB

Multimedia (ISP)

Neural processor (NPU)AI Engine with Triple-core NPU and DSP (26 TOPS)MediaTek APU 790
Storage typeUFS 3.1UFS 4.0
Max display resolution4096 x 21602960 x 1440
Max camera resolution1x 200MP, 2x 32MP1x 320MP
Video capture8K at 30FPS, 4K at 120FPS8K at 30FPS, 4K at 60FPS
Video playback8K at 60FPS8K at 30FPS, 4K at 60FPS
Video codecsH.264, H.265, AV1, VP9H.264, H.265, AV1, VP9
Audio codecsAAC, AIFF, CAF, MP3, MP4, WAVAAC LC, MP3, HE-AACv1, HE-AACv2, FLAC


ModemExynos Modem 5200
4G supportLTE Cat. 24LTE Cat. 24
5G supportYesYes
Peak Download speedUp to 7526 MbpsUp to 10000 Mbps
Peak Upload speedUp to 3758 MbpsUp to 7000 Mbps
NavigationGPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo, NAVICGPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo, QZSS, NAVIC


Announced DateDecember 2020November 2023
Model numberS5E9840
Official pageExynos 2100 official siteDimensity 9300 official site

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